BCU Tweets Gallery: Easter Weekend 2021 Update

Good afternoon all! This is your President (Commish) with a QUICK announcement regarding the BCU Tweets section of the site and a change associated...



2Brian Stelter232,9890.008Stelter Ratio China
3Brian Stelter707,9520.009SmollettRatioStelter
4Kelly O'Donnell151,6790.009Kelly Odonell Ratio
5Brian Stelter111,0280.011StelterRatioRubin
6Dan Rodricks565,0000.011DanRodricksRatio
7Brian Stelter4444280.012Stelter ratio
8Sally Kohn29920,7000.014SallyKohnRatio
9Vlad Tenev24314,1000.017Vlad Tenev Ratio
10Brian Stelter301,7940.017BrianStelterTwistWords
1pls rt my pinned; thank you81,1960.007AbortionRatio

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