Blue Check University: Fall Semester Wisdom

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WOW………it really has been a while since we’ve posted on this site!! Not only that, but we haven’t updated Blue Check University since it underwent a much-needed aesthetical update + creation of the Blue Check University Photo Gallery, a place to find collective wisdom of Blue Checkmark Twitter in one convenient place. Although we haven’t updated you guys on the world that is Blue Check Twitter…….really since the summer, it has gotten dramatically worse.

We know what you may be thinking. “How could it possibly get worse than PinkNews’ Kid’s Don’t Mind the Kink article” ?? The situation regarding Blue Checkmark Twitter has gotten worse on several fronts, including both the “Left” and “Right”. These two may or may not be the same thing anymore. To understand what’s going on, let’s refer to the ‘charts’.

Smashing the Overton Window

Before I begin discussing this idea of the “Overton Window” in practice, let me just say that the idea actually ‘verbalized’ is new to me. I am not speaking on this idea as an expert whatsoever, but rather, someone who recently found the proper terminology for a phenomenon I began to recognize implicitly. I hope more people who were unaware of the term are slightly more informed than before reading this.

So……what exactly is this “Overton Window”? It’s something you see every day in the media, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and literally everywhere that mass media is consumed. It regulates your speech without you realizing and causes cognitive dissonance in those with dissenting opinions. It takes time to establish and both the “Left” and “Right” are complicit in ‘creating’ it.

Let’s take a look at a few of the diagrams before I share a cited definition.

The “window” of current and popular discourse ‘determined’ by combinations of our media and us.

Image result for overton window

Note the ‘Policy’ being the ‘midway point’ of two ‘Popular’ (or ‘Establishment’) viewpoints.

Image result for overton window

The Overton Window being applied to “Climate Change” policy.

Image result for overton window

So again, we are not experts on the topic specifically; we just found out the term a few days ago. We are sharing this not only to inform others unaware, but it will be important in understanding a lot of what we are about to share with you, as many of the Tweets we have may shock you. If you remember the “Overton Window” and understand WHY they are doing this, the world of Blue Checkmark Twitter becomes a clearer place; if only slightly.

Blue Check University: Fall Semester 2K19

Blue Check University had an amazing start to the semester, as the wisdom shared, experiences photographed, one-word questions avoided, strawmen arguments dropped, and Q+A Sessions with “Conservatives” cancelled, was better than even we expected. Our YouTube Channel was able to capture a lot of it, as well as our other site, the Social Justice Football League. Unfortunately, this particular site was deemed “abusive” by Facebook and Zuck, not even allowing the link to be shared in any capacity…..including Messenger.

There will be no chronology to the posts below, as some are missing the dates and were uploaded at different times than they were discovered/posted. But without further ado, let’s see some Blue Checkmark Wisdom!!

Grift Right “Cracks” The Overton Window

It started at the end of the summer (and where we last left off posting on this site) with Bill Mitchell and the #BillMitchellIsOverParty. You can view the specifics of Bill’s story in the link, but this serves as a good start point for our “semester”. After Bill’s “DC-Oops-I-Meant-Miami” Grift Scheme was uncovered, Bill was responsible for getting several prominent accounts banned; including RightHookUSA and, to a much lesser extent, LordResistance2 and Boris Shekelgoldberg, the esteemed rabbi. If you had to summarize the situation in one tweet, Bill said it best:

With the benefit of hindsight on this saga, Bill handled his exposure like a CHAMPION when compared to his Grift Right Counterparts with their own personal exposures. Between Groyper Wars at Q+A Sessions with Turning Point USA (Charlie Kirk’s Group), Dan Crenshaw, Rob Smith, and others, Bill may have actually handled the negative press better than anyone sans Steven Crowder.

There were many clips that we either missed-out on or are entirely forgetting, so for anyone on the frontlines who wasn’t featured in our videos, we apologize.

In our opinion, there was one KEY moment that occurred at a TPUSA “Culture War” Event that could be viewed as the “catalyst” for the “Groyper Wars” or increased escalation of “Meme War 2”. It came from Charlie Kirk when asked a question regarding United States aid to Israel:

We need a name for the “Purple Hearts” of the Culture War….

While we are unsure of the identity of that hero, we do know that his poise, composure, and questioning will forever be remembered. Perhaps the “Question Asked ‘Round the World”??? We’ll have brainstorm…….but for now, view this as the “Turning Point” (pun absolutely intended) for the Grift Right and their faux-conservatism. There are far too many videos to share and this is about Blue Check University, but if you are interested in the vast amounts of questioning and irritation, we compiled the clips into an hour long compilation:

The proverbial “shot” of a Meme War had been fired, ratios were happening left and right, and the Blue Checkmarks were in a tough position. Some managed to squirm out of it with their Boomer Audience intact, while others couldn’t have responded worse.

Like Dr. Gorka:

Dr. Gorka is defending Katie Hill, the nude photographed politician who resigned from the House, over a closeted homosexual who’s a “Nationalist” with questions aout Holocaust Data.

Sebastian kept going until….

Image may contain: text

There were others, but Dr. Gorka’s brash confidence in his Boomer audience always comes to mind first. Let’s run through some others from the “Right”:

Nice Ratio….

The Boomer Meme King himself, stepping outside his realm on this one. Note the ratio that follows.

Nice Ratio Michael. Remember that Overton Window?

I always ask people my indications of their heritage from context clues in a given scenario. Only one group gets upset and never answers; why??

Adorable yet so predictable…

Of course…..

Nice Ratio, Ian. Remember when you got that dog SWAT’d?

Dan Crenshaw had quite a month…..advocating for the Doxing of kids merely asking questions.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling

A collage featuring both sides of the spectrum…

So he was arrested for yelling “Anti-semitic” remarks??

Question prompted 3+ times…

Ratio for Rob, creating a video nobody asked for….

Charlie calls someone with a differing opinion on Gay Marriage an “anti gay extremist”….

Tag team Controlled Oppositon……

So this is why Rob has no Blue Checkmark. Their Handlers are semi-self aware

No photo description available.

AIPAC wants a “regional office” of the United States FDA in their country? Nothing. To. See. Here.

Robert said it……we are merely here to say “RATIOO”

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Greg is a Charlie Kirk disciple…

Self-titled “Populist” asking the thought-provoking questions…


This may be more adorable than the other one we mentioned…

Daily Reminder that Ian Miles Cheong is indeed the guy that got a dog SWAT’d

That has gotten us child drag shows, Benny. The question, albeit facetious, was legitimate.

Let’s Take a Quick Break….

Without any background knowledge on the Blue Checkmarks above, you would assume that these guys are on the “left” of the traditional political spectrum. Interestingly enough, most, if not all, of that list “leaned right”. The screenshots we have are just a small microcosm of the larger meltdown that is going on.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that the “Left” would see this, react and adjust their platforms, and go from there. We are not dealing with the most “conventional” people over there, so we’ll let you guys decide:

The (More) “Left’s” Turn

One of our adjunct professors, Dr. Eugene Gu, Md.

CNN Reporter doing excellent investigative work…

Look. At. That. Ratio.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

(((David Weissman)))

Not a Blue Checkmark but the account was deleted. Our question is, why didn’t they have it BEFORE??

If you know Fat Tony Posnanski, the bigger shock here would be that he has a child.

Another fantastic ratio AND take. Way to be a good guest!!

The ADL dropped a “Hate Symbol Database” LOL. Should’ve called it a “HATERbase”…….BOOM!

Over the pond, the “Left” seems to be more in-touch with the working class.

Kotaku had some bad news…

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

Hmmm……casually telling people to participate in an action that is a huge cause of the virus spreading??

Image may contain: text

We assume (((Doctor Taber))) will receive her Blue Checkmark eventually…..but this was an old one we’ve never stumbled upon.

Image may contain: text

Very cool, Twitter

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text

While Alia Shawkat plays an admirable role in Arrested Development, she looks more manly than Brad Pitt in this picture….

Good idea. Even better ratio.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, crowd

“Nazi Emergency” was declared when everyday Germans celebrated their flag, and this is Evan’s response.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text


Image may contain: one or more people, text and outdoor


Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text
Image may contain: 1 person

Excellent math and grasp of economics, Mikel.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Brad considers humans similar to 1,500+ other species. Not even getting into the subject of his tweet.

Image may contain: text


We could go forever with the screenshots collected over the months, but we will close it with one that was actually recent:

Image may contain: text

Wasn’t it supposed to be about what “2 people do in their own bedroom”??


So while the Blue Checkmarks of the “Right” are co-opting the “Conservative” Movement by parading Lady MAGA and Rob Smith around, calling anything remotely critical of Israel and Holocaust Data “antisemitic”, the Blue Checkmarks of the “Left” are sexualizing 6 year olds, encouraging people to get AIDS for fun, promoting incest, threatening children of Trump supporters with the single deadliest+most addictive drug in America, outlawing clapping, and all of the other good stuff we DIDN’T share above.


How did we get to where we are right now? It can simply be explained by the Overton Window above……and we are in a sort-of “transition” stage to prepare for 2020. Given a much, much more educated populace than the Blue Checkmarks who mindlessly carry-out these tasks, people much smarter than us have been calling this for a while. We have only recently seen it transform before our eyes.

BCU’s Football Team Winged-Designed Helmet

We will begin to more-frequently update Blue Check University, as the wisdom being dropped lately is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But for now, we figure you’ve seen enough nonsense. Mind you, we have been collecting these for months now, so we weren’t exposed to the wisdom simultaneously, like our readers will experience.

We will end it with a collage, but below this post will be a “Form” for everyone to share their Blue Checkmark screenshots anonymously! We have been inactive from checking our form submissions, but we’ll respond to those relatively soon.

Have a nice evening fellow trolls! I’ll leave you with my single favorite. The best for last.

Image may contain: 1 person, text



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