Welcome to Blue Check University!

We haven’t FORMALLY introduced ourselves here on our BRAND NEW SITE.

We Are Blue Check University.

An Esteemed Institution that prides itself in many things; not limited to:

Readily-available housing + student living options
Environmentally friendly and sustainable campus
GED’s and other professional certificates
Generous pricing and low-costs throughout your stay
Intelligent and Unparalleled Insight from staff members
New and Unique program offering and career-readiness

We’ll give you the “site whip-a-round” for today, so be sure to take notes and listen to your Blue Checkmark superiors whose wisdom you will come across early and often.

Blue Check University’s Beginning:

Image result for twitter blue checkmark
The CURRENT “Darker Blue” Checkmark

Blue Check University has been around for just under a year now, existing loosely on Facebook, Twitter, and our first (of 4, right now) site we made, CouchAuction.org! It started out by simply sharing screenshots of Blue Checkmarks on Twitter, something we can NOT claim to have originated. We don’t quite know the roots, but many had begun to “notice” strange habits by those “verified” on Twitter, putting it VERY, VERY, VERY, lightly.

Image result for twitter blue checkmark
The Twitter Blue Checkmark, as seen in its’ former model’.

If you are new to Twitter or are simply unfamiliar with the platform, a user receives a “Blue Checkmark”, or “Verified Status”, when Twitter deems their contributions ‘worthy’. When the site first launched, this idea of “verification” started as a way to prevent fake accounts from imitating actual celebrities. Over the years, however, it has morphed into something MUCH BIGGER and WORSE. The first WE’VE heard of such a phenomenon involving the Blue Checkmarks was through #VerifiedHate and everyone involved with that, as they shined a light on “issue at hand”. From here, we were given all of the “tools” we needed to go out during “Blue Check Season”. We have a few examples that were chosen to briefly highlight the “issue” overall, as you can probably find many problems and agendas from our “verified users”:

Many patterns to discuss:

Indirect+direct incitement of violence
Sports+Political Predictions WRONG
Racism towards White People
Anti-Christian Sentiments
Eastern Standard Time
Loads of other examples…

Many “different” types of people, including:

Dem. and Rep. “Establishment”
Investigative “Journalists”
Divisive “Celebrities” + their ‘populism’

Interjecting Politics into EVERY ASPECT of our lives, including:

Nearly every sporting event
Institutions of “higher learning”
Nice gestures done out of kindness
Entertainment of ALL sorts

Culminating in outcomes such as…..

11 House Seats GAINED for California!

Ok, we’ve had our fun (Scroll up at bolded letters if you didn’t notice). But all of the above is certainly true, and we have our Blue Checkmark Twitter users, or “Verified Twitter”, to thank for it! “Blue Checkmark Twitter” or “Verified Twitter”, quite simply and generally for the sake of our first post, is “problematic”, to use their own terms.

Blue Check University seeks to take a SATIRICAL approach to real-world Tweets and News Headlines, operating under the guise of a “University” that gives “Diplomas” to those deemed “tolerant” enough.

Let’s break-it-down by section, briefly!

BCU Tweets

1. Eastern Standard Time 2. Yes

The place where we upload ANY and ALL screenshots from “Blue Checkmarks” themselves, “BCU Tweets” serves as a general, randomly-generated gallery, that seeks to provide users with a NEW piece of “Blue Checkmark Wisdom” each day!

Check it out HERE or click the tab above to see our gallery!

(Note: out of all pages, this one has the MOST memory by far. We are in the process of slowly uploading our 1,000+ screenshots, to not impact site performance. If you are having trouble reaching this section one day, you most-likely logged-on during an upload!)

Twitter Ratio Rankings

That’s a ratio.

Ahhh, one of our favorites here at BCU. The Twitter Ratio. We have a graphic that will explain to those unaware, but it’s fairly self-explanatory:

Take one of our FAVORITE examples: Caroline Rothstein’s (EST) “Airplane Luggage Resistance”

Our Ratios are ranked based-upon LOWEST COMBINED TOTAL OF RT’s DIVIDED BY REPLIES. We are working on a way to “fix” one rather “broken” element of this:

Should there be a RT/Reply MINIMUM? Should “LIKES” factor in for “ELIGIBILITY” of a Ratio?

The reason why we ask this, is because you will see this ‘issue’ quite a few times in our Official Twitter Ratio Rankings. For now, it’s okay because we aren’t actually ranking…..yet. In the future, it will need to be addressed in some way. If you have any ideas on how we could adjust this, please comment them below or on our Facebook Pages!

Headline Gallery

This one is fairly self-explanatory, so we’ll leave it at that.

BCU Diplomas

For any Blue Checkmark that you stumble upon who’s displaying NEXT-LEVEL wisdom and insight in a particular field they may-or-may-not be qualified to talk about, present them with the HONORARY DIPLOMA from the image above! You are free to use this whenever and we are happy to take suggestions.

Campus Gallery + Instructors

We are lucky and fortunate to have AMAZING facilities and staff here at BCU. Our “Campus Gallery” and “Instructors” tab at the top menu will take you to a unique gallery for EACH, showing-off both our WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES and INSTRUCTORS!

BCU Twitter Video Compilation:

This is ACTUALLY our last part, but we’ll end it with a video from BOTH our YouTube Channel AND CouchPimpsTV! 20 minutes of SOLELY Blue Checkmark Wisdom.

Merry Christmas to all BCU Followers and enjoy the upcoming holidays!


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