Buzzfeed Continues to Employ Pro-Genocide Journalist “Joe Bernstein”

Good afternoon/evening to our Blue Check U supporters from around the world!! We have a post to bring everyone that will take on a more serious tone, compared to our others, as we are seeing how Blue Checkmark malfeasance can begin to turn ugly. It all centers around a post written 6+ years ago, only to be rediscovered today and spread across Twitter. The person responsible has been employed by BuzzFeed SINCE the Tweet was written, displaying a level of professionalism, integrity lower than any company masquerading as a ‘media outlet’, in a long, long, time. What was the tweet, you ask?

While Joe’s tweet doesn’t surprise us in the least, the lack of action taken by BuzzFeed is…….well, come to think of it, this doesn’t surprise us either! As human beings, we like to expect better of our ‘fellow citizens’. Sadly, the result in blind media trust results in a literal BuzzFeed Reporter advocating for a race-based genocide. Joe’s tweet also coincides with a time in which he considers a period of ‘rising antisemitism’. If ‘antisemitism’ is being against an outward call by a Jewish man to kill White Males in a country where they far outnumber the other, expect a lot more people to become ‘antisemitic’ in the coming years.

This represents a unique point in our history that has been echoed far before the discovery of this isolated tweet. When unwise, modern-day comparisons of WWII are brought up by Joe and others alike, it does quite a few things to the ‘WWII Narrative’ we all grew up with.

1. It cheapens the supposed tragedy you’ve been warning about repeating for decades, as comparing what is happening today with the popularized narrative of WWII, is the single worst display of intellectual integrity ever witnessed.

2. It confirms the supposed ‘antisemites’ downplaying the impact of the Holocaust, using the words of Jews themselves.

3. It conflates the supposedly ‘awful’ ideology of ‘fascism’ with the concept of self-defense, given the example set for us by the LOVELY Joseph Bernstein.

4. It confirms that, contrary to what people believe, there in fact was a reason why “antisemitism” rose in Europe following WWII. This doesn’t mean one agrees with it at all; but rather addressing the fallacy that “Adolf Hitler happened OUT OF NOWHERE”!!

Now……we are merely internet trolls who make memes dancing on a variety of people……..with Jews being one of those people. We have had numerous articles written about us and other “antisemitic trolls” in a variety of settings; often having NOTHING to do with Jews at all. We represent the most MODERATE form of resistance on the “other side”, so to speak. MSM outlets will of course mistake any criticism in this area as a “threat”, but we consider this more of a ‘friendly warning’ of sorts.

We will continue to make memes, troll others, and have fun at others’ expense. Calling us ‘antisemitic’ not only doesn’t work……but it keeps us coming back. Picking a fight with trolls helps us, but distracts you from something much bigger than us: societal waves.

We can take the hits from the MSM and we truly enjoy it. What we can’t do is speak for others, who dislike the media 1000x MORE than us, are impacted by them more, and are MUCH, MUCH, less vocal and friendly than we are.

So one last time…….the MSM can continue to poke the bear. If they think we represent the ‘bear’ fighting back………….then boy are they in for a FUN decade!! You better grab your popcorn frens because this is going to be GOOD!

Blue Check U President