We have SO MANY MAJORS to offer here at BCU and want to help as many prospective students as possible! Thus, we have implemented the “Blue Check University “Major” Personality Quiz”, which will give you a general idea based on 10 questions that we feel give us the BEST idea of where you stand!


Which of the following subjects do you enjoy the MOST?

Do you believe in SCIENCE?

Evidence of widespread voter fraud has been proven to be a myth. Do YOU believe in the aforementioned myth that "widespread voter fraud exists"?

You have just moved into a new location and are looking for a new primary care physician. Will "political viewpoints" of the medical professional be a consideration in your decision?

Who did you vote for/prefer in the 2016 Election?

You see a tweet that argues FOR something that you disagree with. What are the next best steps to take?

Do you believe that politics and comedy CAN be combined?

Which of the following describes THE MOST important characteristics of a "Journalist" in your opinion?

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: "My political viewpoints on every individual issue MUST be known."

Which word BEST describes your view of "masks".

Blue Check University Major Quiz
Polling and Electoral Science

While nobody will be as brilliant as one Nate Silver, we can provide the tools to make informed election predictions. All while using SCIENCE!!!
Far Right Dogwhistle Studies

Think Jared Holt when you consider the INCREDIBLE career prospects that this major has! We need people to DECODE these "dogwhistles" dropped by far right trolls!
Election Fraud Political Science

While there is NO EVIDENCE OF WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD at all, we can't come to these conclusions without SCIENCE!! Enter you, a prospective "Election Fraud Political Science" Grad!
African American Studies

A long explanation isn't necessary when you have a major this popular. #BlackLivesMatter
COVID-19 Biology

Who needs to study other diseases when we are in the midst of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC?? You, as a "Covid-19 Biology" Major, won't.
Impeachment Science

The obvious utility of this major can be seen with the HISTORIC impeachment of Donald Blumpf.
International Relations

Who do you believe sits on the "Twitter Frontlines", informing our "allies" that "we Americans are better than this?" A BCU International Relations Graduate. That's Who.
Politedy Science

"Politedy"; the seamless immersion of comedy, politics, and mainstream viewpoints. Take Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert.
Theatrical Journalism

In many cases, simply reporting on the news is not enough. As journalists, you must learn to BE THE NEWS. That's where "Theatrical Journalism" majors shine. Take Abilio James "Jim" Acosta as an example.
"Reply Guy" Studies

A new field that was created during the Drumpf presidency, "Reply Guys" proved to be a VITAL tool for the Twitter #Resistance and Blue Check "Conservatives" alike.
Mental Health Counseling

Who needs a PhD or a Doctorate when you can be like Jeffrey Guterman and snag a "Mental Health Counselor" title instead?
Transgendered Biology

Because Trans Rights are human rights, we must ensure that a program is specifically addressing their needs. Enter "Transgendered Biology".
Gatekeeping Studies

"Gatekeepers" are a vital part of any socio-political movement. Just look at how hard Jack Posobiec goes to stay "ahead of the curve" on key "conservative" issues!
Situation Monitoring

Sometimes, Tweeting about problems in our nation is a lot more effective than actually addressing the problem. That's where our situation monitors come in!
Blue Checkonomics

In many cases, basic economic principles and phenomena simply do not apply. Even if they do, they aren't exactly reliable tools to use. Listen to people like Paul Krugman instead.
Outrage Political Science

It isn't enough to hold a particular viewpoint. Sometimes, you need to hold that viewpoint so closely to yourself that you elicit an EMOTIONAL response after each bill passed. Ask Alyssa Milano, the EXPERT in "Outrage Political Science"!
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