Good afternoon to the BCU Staff, community, students, and anyone else who happens to stumble across this post! We have a BRIEF announcement regarding yours’ truly, the President of Blue Check University, along with some updated quotes and words of wisdom to guide you through the start of your week. Let’s get to it right away!

NEW LOOK President of BCU

After careful consideration [the president of this esteemed institution] decided to give myself a HUGE MAKEOVER. Out with the ‘frog’ and in with the new look, as seen below:

We believe this ‘new look’ will better represent what this institution stands for, while also avoiding confusion as to who we are. Here are a few other looks at the new makeover:

Some Words of Wisdom From Your (New Look) President

Lastly for today, we would like to share some wisdom and quotes to help guide our community whenever they find themselves browsing Twitter! We hope these quotes are as impactful to you as they are to the students + staff that attend this wonderful institution!

Have a GREAT Day, Everyone!

Even to those who stalk our sites + channels, reporting everything they see! One can only imagine the sadness + lack of enjoyment they get in THEIR OWN day-to-day lives. We truly hope it gets better for you.