Introducing the NEW BCU President “Avatar”

Good afternoon to the BCU Staff, community, students, and anyone else who happens to stumble across this post! We have a BRIEF announcement regarding yours’ truly, the President of Blue Check University, along with some updated quotes and words of wisdom to guide you through the start of your week. Let’s get to it right […]Read More

February 2021 Check-in (Part One)

Hello to the wonderful supporters of Blue Check University! This is your President with a lengthy post that documents the first month+ of 2021! A LOT has been going on in the world of Blue Checkmark Twitter and we have tried our BEST to provide an update that summarizes the happenings thus far. Before we […]Read More

“The Cow” Rage Quits From Twitter

We were a month late to the news of the single most toxic account in Twitter History posting a self righteous rant, but its never too late to celebrate. This account worked in cahoots with many others in attempt to publicly shame, harass, stalk, and dox individuals who had mild criticisms of a variety of […]Read More

RATIO WATCH: Cenk Uygur Takes Bi-Partisan L’s

Cenk Uygur is a fascinating figure and case study. While seemingly NOBODY on either side of the ‘political spectrum’ likes the guy, he still gets large amounts of viewership and media appearances. He will be the focus of this edition of ‘Ratio Watch’. Cenk Takes on Mike Lindell Yesterday, Cenk Uygur decided to focus his […]Read More

RATIO WATCH: Robinhood

Good evening to our WONDERFUL and TOLERANT community here at Blue Check University! It’s your President again with one more update with regards to the happenings in the world of Wall Street. This will be quick but is important to take note of, as we are monitoring the situation very closely. ROBINHOOD broke their deafening […]Read More

Billionaire Rage and Robinhood Reactions

Good afternoon to all Blue Check U Students, Staff, readers, donors, stakeholders, and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this post! This is BCU’s President, formerly “Commish”, with a SPECIAL post to commemorate the events and happenings take took place this past week. For those who may have missed the news, there’s a LOT […]Read More

BCU Throwbacks: “An Oligopoly on Division”: How CNN Lied About

“An Oligopoly on Division”: How CNN Messed Up the ‘Elaine Goldschmidt’ Story Dedicated to those Doxed, Misidentified, Slandered, Defamed, or Shamed by the Mainstream Media. Now, we get to laugh at their demise. Yes. We were the ones behind the Elaine Goldschmidt Twitter account. Now that this is out of the way, let’s talk more […]Read More

Blue Checkmark Check-in: January 6th, 2021

Blue Checkmark Check-in: January 6th, 2021 In case you missed the ‘news’ or updates from today, you missed out on an all-time great ‘Blue Checkmark Meltdown’. We’ll let the Tweets tell the story, but someone should’ve told our Blue Check friends that this was simply a protest for George Floyd! Then, they would ignore this […]Read More

“Blue Check Moments”

For the times where you witness unparalleled wisdom from a Blue Checkmark on Twitter dot com, but had no way to properly THANK them for their expertise: “BLUE CHECK MOMENTS!!” We encourage you to use this blank template and share it with us upon discovery. We have a few examples to share below. SUBSCRIBE to […]Read More